I knew that I want to be a photographer after seeing Eugene Richards’ documentary photography book Dorchester Days. Like him, I want to take pictures to show the beauty of unnoticed people in unnoticed neighborhoods in Boston. This was my dream, but I didn’t know what to do to make it happen. I haven’t run a business before. I don’t know anyone in photography. I simply don’t know the next step.

Then I met Derrick. The Duplessy Foundation sponsored my tuition for the Artist Professional Toolkit class at the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston. He connects me with photographers, artists, and business people. He helps me with my organizational skills, business communication, and everything I need to know to succeed in the business world.





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For a while, I just knew that college was not for me. I would have problems concentrating, and I think I have ADHD. I was a shy person, and I did not have many expectations for my life.

Duplessy Foundation encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. My mentor Derrick challenged me to read and write about sports books, connected me with broadcaster Tom Caron at NESN and paid the tuition for my first college-level writing class.

Now I am a more confident and active. With the support and resource this program provides, I know I can reach my goal.

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