First Open Mic Performance

First Open Mic Performance

Laura is our resident poet and writer. Her talent is raw and she has so much to say — although you probably wouldn’t hear it. If she had a nickname it would be “smiley.” In response to most questions, I used to receive a beautiful, empty smile. So I challenged Laura to perform her poetry at a local open mic 4 times in an effort to explore her talent and get in tune with her craft.

She squirmed with apprehension at first. I told her that I would never ask her to do something I was not willing to do myself. So I promised at the fourth open mic performance, I would perform as well — for the first time ever!

Those performances were a breakthrough for Laura. She was able to see her art as a viable avenue of expression that could be valuable to others.

Please take some time to watch Laura’s performances — and if you feel like it — my open mic debut.

Thank you for being interested. Pursue your purpose.

– Derrick

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