Martin: Sans Nom Tour

by Amelie5610

Martin Sketching

MARTIN, our resident fashion mogul has been very busy. He’s just completed his first sewing course at Stitchhouse in Dorchester. He is also working with Amber, one of our marketing associates, on implementing his marketing plan. His marketing plan includes improving social media posting habits and developing a blog for his brand . Martin and Amber are also searching eventbrite to find fashion shows for Martin to attend and expose his brand .  Martin is reconnecting with peers, other accomplished artists, so that he can grow and strengthen his network. Amber refers to this as the “Sans Nom Tour”. “Working with Amber has helped me realize there is more to developing my brand than just talent, you have to know how to market yourself and stay positive… it was a peaceful experience”. Meanwhile Martin is finishing a summer collection of tees that will be released and posted on his Sans Nom blog  at the end of the summer.

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