How to get a job with us…(or anyone else)

by Derrick Duplessy

We are excited to add new members of our team. Just below are links to our available positions.

Purpose Rockstar Marketing Internship

More importantly, if you want to know how to land a position here or anywhere please read the blog post below:

Care (Give a Damn)

Why is the most important question in the world. When we or any other employer sit across the table from an applicant we are asking ourselves why does this person want this position at our organization. We don’t want to hear the same story you told all the other places you are considering. We want to know why our mission matters to you. Show your passion for what we do, our cause. Great employers don’t start to care about what you know or can do until they know you care about them first.


Tell a Story

If you want to show us how much you care tell us a story. Connect your experience solving a problem in the past with potentially solving one of our problems. If you cannot relate your experience directly with one of our problems, that’s okay. Tell a story that shows us you are passionate about our mission, willing to learn, and love the challenge of solving similar problems. Stories are emotional transportation. Take us to where you passion is.


Ask Great Questions

Nothing saddens us more than when a potential candidate has few or irrelevant questions. Do your homework. Read our website. Find articles about us on the web. We even have a post from our first intern. Read that. The quality of the questions you ask any potential employer shows how much thought and care you put into applying there. Challenge us, surprise us, and create an awesome conversation – just with your questions.


Our promiseĀ 

We will give a damn about you, tell our story, and ask great questions. We hope you do too. Whether you want to work with us or anyone else, do these things and you will be ahead of the game.

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