I am a Boston-based documentary photographer whose work captures the “visual soul” of my subjects. Originally from Dorchester, I enjoy focusing on the unconsidered people and places in our everyday lives. My professional style reflects the combination of visual soul, and artistically bold portraits that will shine a light on the individual while driving more notoriety to a person with a purpose.

I love to engage and learn from people.I hold a clever mind for acronyms and this helps me communicate.

I have two documentary photography books HIPHOP (How I Photograph Helps Other People) and B.I.R.D. (Building Individuals Reconstructing Dorchester) Street. I am a graduate of the New England Institute of Art.

The L.O.T.T. project is a continuation of my mission to shine a light on the seen and unseen people of our neighborhoods serving as visual representation and communication resources.

The “Leaders of Today and Tomorrow” photo series highlights community driven people with a purpose, including elected officials, youth, local residents, and business owners. Some are already in positions of influence and some as yet “undiscovered,” who represent Boston’s current and future leaders. The portraits will be hung at high traffic business establishments identifying some of the leaders and resources that create the quality of life with the city.

The series will culminate with a portrait exhibition tour throughout 2014

If you are a Leader and want to be featured

Contact Jaypix @: TheLottBoston@gmail.com

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