How to donate by shopping on Amazon

by Derrick Duplessy

We created an easy way for you to shop on Amazon and contribute to Duplessy Foundation.

There are 3 easy steps.

1. Click the link

Special Amazon link

You may have received an email like the one below.

Amazon Donation 1a

2. Bookmark

After you click the link and you will be taken to the “Americanah” book page on Amazon.

Bookmark it in your browser.

* In order for the link to work, we needed to send people to the page of an actual item for sale.

Bookmark the Amazon link


3. Shop as normal (using this bookmarked page)

Go to the bookmarked page.

Search for anything and buy it.

We will 4% of your purchase.

Below is an example of one of your purchases:

Donation Purchase example

Purchases you make throughout the year will be making a huge impact for us.

Thanks in advance.

– Derrick

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