Mentoring is the most hands-on way you can make a contribution to our mission. Below are some details on what that commitment entails:


Arts – Knowledge of the creative economy as a practicing artist and/or as a member of an artistic organization. We use the word “art” broadly. We consider a chef, comedian, writer, and fashion designer all part of the artistic family.

Entrepreneurship – Experience as an entrepreneur or working in a entrepreneurial organizations. Social and for-profit entrepreneurs are welcome.


We ask mentors to commit to monthly one-on-one meetings with their mentee for at least one year. The meetings will be focused on helping mentees develop a network and working knowledge of the trends, people, and places in their field of interest.


We are committed to cultivating the untapped talent of artists and entrepreneurs born and raised in Boston. They are the key to creating innovative artistic and entrepreneurial institutions in the city’s least developed neighborhoods run by native Bostonians. If you get excited by this vision, contact us.

Interested in Mentoring?

Please send your resume and a include a brief statement about why you would like to mentor a young artist or entrepreneur to

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