We are looking for individuals that are committed to our mission of cultivating the next generation of homegrown leaders. Below is a summary of our vision, ideal skill sets, and requirements for board membership.

Our Vision

“Boston Hollywood” – Every neighborhood, places to see and be seen, run by native Bostonians

More than bodegas – Create new, 21st century businesses and artistic organizations that will solve community problems and bring people together, run by native Bostonians

Gentrify from within – Build a network that will help high potential, low access native Bostonians become more influential and impactful in their communities

Skills of a Board Member

Marketing – Our ability to tell our story and keep supporters engaged is directly related to our income and ultimately, our impact. If you see yourself as a great champion for our cause, contact us.

Program Quality – We are choosing to go deep with smaller groups of people and try very different, entrepreneurial ways of mentoring. If you like asking questions focused on great outcomes, try us.

Mentoring – We value learning. We are a young organization. We could use some pointers. If you enjoy imparting knowledge to our staff and program participants, we should connect.

Entrepreneur – We are going to be launching numerous micro-enterprises and strategic partnerships. If you have experience in this area and are excited by teaching these skills to others, let’s talk.


Passion – A passion for mentoring young adults, the arts, and entrepreneurship

Time – Monthly meetings for at least one year and bi-monthly meetings thereafter

Financial Commitment – Duplessy Foundation is one of your top three giving priorities

Our Challenge to You

If you are interested in growing a dynamic social enterprise based on the arts, entrepreneurship, and mentoring, let’s schedule a time to speak further and learn more about each other.



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