Artists Celebration is proud to present some of Boston’s best fashion designers. We’ve brought them together to not only show what Boston has to offer to the fashion world, but also to give you an opportunity to give back to Boston’s community. Check out their profiles.

Sandrine Kouyessein – Etchin Collection

Etchin Collection

Etchin Collection is a classically chic clothing store that combines both vibrant colors, quality materials, and Sandrine’s innovative style.

As a unique brand, Etchin Collection serves to the sophisticated cosmopolitan women with its various pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Designer Sandrine Kouyessein is a Ivorian native who moved to the USA at the age of 15. Her eye for fashion and design inspired the launch of Etchin Collection at the age of 20. Since then, Etchin Collection has blossomed into a highly sought after brand adorned by women seeking unique custom designed clothing for all occasions. Each piece is
meticulously selected and created by Sandrine K.

Emily Brennan

Emily Brennan


A recent graduate from Lasell College, Emily was one of the winners of the annual college Form to Fashion competitive fashion event at the Natick Collection.

Emily’s collection, Believe, is inspired by her love of baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox.

The collection is a clean, classic and simple look for the everyday woman who enjoys expressing her love of baseball. Currently under the direction of Marthavan McKeon,

Emily is expressing her creative designs at the South Shore Ballet costume department.

Kate Alves


Kate Alves

Kate Alves is a Ukrainian born designer and founder of Beresta, a line of contemporary clothing and accessories for women with unique style.

Her design aesthetics are influenced by both European and American cultures.

A Civil Engineer by education, she draws her inspiration
from architecture, interior design and geometrical shapes. The spirit of Beresta is elegant, yet strong with a bit of an edge


Daniel Rechel

Daniel Rechel


Daniel Rechel is a social entrepreneur, passionate youth advocate, photographer and nightclub promoter. In December 2007, he co-founded The Definition of Nyce a clothing line that cares about the community. The brand reflects a positive lifestyle and dedicates 100% of the net profits to charities, creating social change in their communities by making it “hip to be humanitarian.” He also developed the **Keep Love Alive** Campaign. Connect with him: and

Zoya Designs

Zoya Designs


I was born in Novosibirsk, third largest city of Russia in central Siberia. My curiosity with creating from fabric started in my childhood and evolved into a profound passion and constant fascination with the art of sewing and design.

In July 2010, I was invited to participate in a fashion event organized by Baku Sunset and I presented a small collection of 4 dresses, modeled by my sister and my friends. Then more fashion shows followed, and I was hooked on the idea of creating and sewing for the public, the idea of someone benefiting from my skills. I then decided to take a chance on opening my own boutique. In July 2012, with tremendous help of my partner
Konstantin Derman, Zoya Designs opened its first doors to the public on 1267 Broadway St, Somerville, MA.

Zoya Designs’ ever-evolving eclectic style is inspired by my Eastern European background, fascinating world travel experiences, Nature’s boundless beauty and my surrounding ambiance. Zoya Designs’ collection vary from flirty and fun, classic and elegant, sexy and alluring, or all of the above; but always confident, positive, and unique.

Designer: Suzanne Piubeni

Style: Creative Upcycling of Everday Objects

About: Suzanne’s passion for upcycling and outside the box thinking shine in her jewelry and clothing line, Fusion Ethos Fashions. FEF represents the “combination of ideas and beliefs,” inspired by world travels and upcycling of everyday objects. The Fusion Ethos Fashions line recycles everyday items such as measuring tape, playing cards, bottle caps, popcorn, paint, swatches, leather/fabric scraps and transform them in wearable art.


Designers: Sara Brenton and Fabiola Brunache

Style: Chic clothing for plus size women

About: Sara Brenton and Fabiola Branauche are two plus size women who have designing for years individually, creating clothing that they wanted but could find to fit anywhere else. The two met on a February day and creative sparks flew! Combining forces they created the VBBoutique, an online clotheir for the fashionable, chic plus size woman. Sara’s line, Sizzlin’ Curve Wear emcompasses casual, cocktail, semi formal, and formal/evening gowns. Fabiola’s line, VBBoutique, includes casual, business, and formal/evening gowns.


Designers: Sydney Turnbull & Ryan L’Italien

Style: Avant Garde Inspired Ready to Wear

About: They met on the first day of college and haven’t parted since. Their shared interest in fashion and design let the way to ValenciaLUSH, which combines avant garde and ‘ready-to-wear’ with dark colors and floral prints, giving the effect of seasons through their fall collection “En hiver, au printemps”, which translates to “In Winter, In Spring.” Ryan, who has lived in California, England, France, and Florida, is the head of design with innovative looks mixing patterns, textures, and colors and a keen eye for current fashion. Sydney, who was born in New Hampshire and currently resides in Cambridge, has a history of clothing construction which has led to one of a kind hand stiched creations.

Designer: Glen Primus

Style: Couture Urban Classic and Contemporary

About: Glen is a Trinidadian fashion designer based out of the Boston area since 2003. In his earlier years, he developed a passion for designing as the ceo of his own fashion line called Sophisticated Swagg. His main focus is separating his line from the norm while still remaining trendy and fashionable. He instills in his team everyday to think “innovation not duplication.” Swagg has been featured in many magazines and websites: Urbansteez,The Young Fresh & New, Convention Magazine and Bet Style.


Designer: Samuel Vartan

Style: Euro chic

About: Samuel Vartan is a designer with many influences. He was born in Athens, Greece, raised in Beirut, Lebanon and spent many years in Montreal. His initial interest was film directing, then music, and he finally fell into fashion when he started helping his friend create a line of leather garments. The rest is as they say…history. Samuel now produces two collections each year, runs a boutique in Brighton, and maintains a style as eclectic as his roots.


Designer: Gail Schneider

Style: Designer T-shirts

About: Individuality. That’s what Gail Schneider Designs are all about. Sassy, trendy, classic… Gail experiments with designs that break conventions of the tees and tank tops. Her style reflects her passion for originality, flair, and fashion sense. Her designs are so popular, A-list stars have been known to wear them, but we can’t mention their names. Gail has been featured in many magazines and newspapers Cosmopolitan, Lucky Magazine, Boston Magazine, Stuff @Night, and Boston Globe.


Designer: Jess Myer

Style: Classic and Contemporary Fusion

About: Jess Meyer has been creating things for as long as she can remember. Having worked in various disciplines, from metal sculpture to film sets to apparel, she is perpetually fascinated by engineering captivating objects. After moving from Los Angeles to Boston, Jess enrolled at the School of Fashion Design, where she studied women’s wear through pattern drafting, draping, tailoring, and couture construction techniques. Myre, incorporated in 2005, offers her limited edition pieces in an elegantly tailored collection.


Designer: Danai Mavridis

Style: Mediterranean – Inspired Formal

About: Danai is a Greek-American fashion designer based out of the Boston area. She has been involved with fashion since 2002. In her earlier years, she developed an enthusiasm for style while mixing and matching her clothes. She proudly dressed in her grandmothers’ designs, knowing they were one of a kind. Observing her grandmothers’ work, she developed a deeper passion in designing, loving the idea of uniqueness and self expression. Danai’s inspirations come from her recent trip to Europe, visiting both Greece and Switzerland. The incredible architecture, colorful landscape, and endless nightlife play a role in her designs.


Designer: Kim Pham

Style: Asian – Inspired Formal

About: Kim Pham has been a driving force in the Asian fashion industry for over 20 years. Her love of fashion is matched by her indomitable will to succeed. The communists in her native Vietnam couldn’t stop her. The fire that burned her Chinatown shop to the ground didn’t defeat her. Her work days, which sometimes stretch to 20 hours, haven’t deterred her. Kim’s couture, Asian-inspired apparel for both genders uses only the finest silks, with painstaking attention to detail and fit. Kim mixes style and elegance like no other designer. Kim has been featured in the Boston Globe, Asian Boston, and Panorama Magazine


Designer: Paula Horne

Style: Doggie Apparel

About: She will have your doggie looking good! From raincoats to collars to the cutest toys Paula have your pet ready to face the world in style. Wanna learn more about her designs? Visit her website and come to the show.


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