D3B brings together chefs that accentuate the art in food. They take everyday items and make them beautifully delicious. Read on for some profiles.

Grace Anna Brinton

Grace Brinton


Grace grew up on a farm in rural Maine, where she learned to appreciate the hard work and care that farmers devote to the land. After obtaining a psychology degree from Boston University, Grace worked in an after-school program where her duties included teaching cooking skills to kids. Here she realized that she wanted to make food a permanent part of her career.

Grace then attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and began gaining experience in professional kitchens, starting at Pie in Newton Center and continuing on to the South End Buttery. Grace then took over the kitchen at Formaggio Kitchen South End in June of 2010. She has since worked hard to celebrate local farmers, small business owners, and to build upon Formaggio’s love of quality ingredients.

Brandon Arms

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin Brandon Arms, has been ensconced in the service industry from a very young age. He grew up working in various restaurant both front of the house, and back of the house, and he became well-versed in all aspects of the business, from dishwasher to server to prep cook, it was clear that Arms had an affinity for cooking and kitchen management, and a evolving passion for food science and chemistry.

After graduating from New England Culinary Institute (N.E.C.I.), Arms worked in the award-winning Ken Oringer’s restaurant Clio. He eventually made the decision to change pace and moved to Aquitaine in the South End, after a short stint there, then got together with Will Gilson at the Garden at the cellar in Cambridge where he is currently overseeing the kitchen operations.

Andy Lunique

Andy Lunique is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America & the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Andy is a young mind on the path to a place in history. Using the Culinary Arts as a tool, he intends on creating the greatest of memories for his friend’s family and patrons. With his specialties in French, Moroccan, & Caribbean flavors, Andy intends on competing on the hit TV series on Bravo “Top Chef”. He is currently a chef at the “Spiced Pear” located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Julie Biggs

Julie is a recent transplant to the Boston area from Mystic, CT. She moved to Boston in September 2008 to enroll in BU’s Master of Gastronomy program, fueled by her love of food and desire to learn. Julie has a B.A. in Botany from Connecticut College and stumbled into the restaurant business a bit by accident the summer after she graduated, and has cooked professionally since 1996.

She is the Executive Chef and co-owner of Atarashi Catering, a small catering and personal chef company that specializes in healthy, organic, and Asian-influenced cuisine. When she is not cooking or studying, Julie can often be found walking her two ex-racing greyhounds around Cambridge.

Barbara Tobey

Barbara has loved baking since she was a little girl. Her great-aunt Sese made gingerbread and then pies with Barbara. She had a baking business called “Grannydear’s” for 5 years, making scones, shortbread, cookies and brownies for gourmet food shops, plus birthday and wedding cakes on order. Now it’s her creative outlet. It’s just so relaxing, especially in the winter when a beautiful dinner and a surprising dessert can make all the difference in your day…and someone else’s.

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