The Purpose Fellows program or Purposeships helps young adults 18-24 years old who are not attending four-year colleges develop the skills to lead artistic enterprises and businesses.

Program Summary


Fellows participate in weekly mentoring sessions with a foundation mentor and monthly mentoring with a field-specific mentor.


Fellows design and sell a product or service with a budget of $500 and profit goal of $1,000.

Professional Development

Fellows partake in various activities to develop their skills including taking courses (sponsored by us), internships/apprenticeships, and experiential “challenges”.

Purpose Fellows’ Stories

We are looking to mentor young adults who are not in college to become leaders in their community and realize big career goals. Below is what we are looking for in a potential fellow:

Qualities of a Fellow

Leader – Takes initiative, Works well with Others, Good communication skills

Entrepreneurial – Creative, Develops ideas from concepts to finished product/service

Altruistic – Cares about others including their family, their city

Determined – Overcomes obstacles, Does Not Give Up, Seeks help


1. High School Diploma or GED Equivalent
2. Age 18-24
3. Not enrolled in four-year institution of higher learning

Highly Preferred

4. City of Boston resident
5. US Citizen or Permanent Resident


If you want to apply, have questions or have a great candidate for the program, please email

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