We believe a small group of committed people can make BIG change in their corner of the world.

Beantown Jazz Festival in Roxbury

Several years ago, a group of committed people led by Daryl Settles, a Boston entrepreneur and owner of Darryl’s Corner Restaurant (formerly Bob’s Southern Bistro) decided to create a jazz festival in Roxbury. At the time, Roxbury was considered an undesirable neighborhood with very few reasons to visit. Undaunted, the group’s first Beantown Jazz Festival, had 10,000 attendees. Today, the festival, run by Berklee College of Music has over 50,000 attendees. Now people all over the city (and the world) and finding culture in a previously unappreciated part of Boston.

We believe many more great creative minds have remained untapped in our least economically and socially developed neighborhoods.

We believe experiences and mentoring have a lot more to do with creating leaders for our communities than formal education.

Research from the Center for Creative Leadership states,

Leadership Development is:

50% experiences
20% hardships/failures
20% mentors
10% formal learning

We believe creative people without college degrees have just as much to offer as anyone else.

Built a company worth $500 Billion dollarsRay CharlesBarbara LynchDonna Summer




Famous Creative Innovators

Steve Jobs and Ray Charles






Famous Boston Innovators



Barbara Lynch, grew up in South Boston projects and now her restaurants are worth $10M. Donna Summer, grew up in Dorchester and is now an international recording artist.

We believe that in our least socially and economically developed communities, we focus too much on what we don’t have instead of what we do.

We believe cultivating the creative and leadership potential of our local talent will revitalize our least economically developed communities.

If you believe what we believe, contact us atinfo@duplessy.org.

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